John Barber III is an accomplished professional who brings over 20 years of financial and grants experience. 

Prior to this assignment, Barber was the Chief Financial Officer for the Urban League of Philadelphia.  

Barber’s diverse background includes financial services for the Office of Nonpublic programs for the School District of Philadelphia, where he was responsible for coordinating and overseeing budgeting activities, and evaluating the cost of provided services and programs with a focus on decreasing program costs without negatively impacting the quality of delivered educational programs and services.   His past assignments for the School District of Philadelphia include: Deputy Executive Director of Grants Compliance, System Sustainability Manager of Compliance, Financial Coordinator for GEAR UP GRANT and Member of the Grants Governance Committee, responsible for securing available resources for enriching educational opportunities for students. 

“I look forward to working with a cadre of private-public sector leaders at both the local and national level to help build on the already impressive strategic plan that advances education for Philadelphia’s public school students,” said Barber.  “My career in the nonprofit sector and education finance has been a very personal, passionate journey. It has allowed me to realize my commitment to the improving the lives of minorities, as well as, educational services and academic achievement for our most important citizens — our children.”