Kimlime Chek-Taylor, is a veteran Philadelphia educator, and currently the Principal of South Philadelphia High School. Principal Chek-Tayloris the first female educator of Cambodian descent to become a principal in the School District of Philadelphia.

After graduating from Temple University Chek-Taylor went to work in the classroom while working on her first of two masters degrees. She comes from a family of educators, and is bilingual in both English and Khmer, the Cambodian language.

Chek-Taylor has served in the District previously as an Assistant Principal at Furness, Roxborough High as well as South Philadelphia High. She was the Dean of Students at John Taggart, a K-8 school, and before that, spent 3 years in the district offices as English Language Learner (ELL) Academic Coach Office of Language, Culture and the Arts.  She holds a Master in Elementary Education and  Master in Administration with a principal certification(K-12) from Cheyney University.