What is an Equity Map? And why are we building one?

When people talk of school equity, they’re often talking about fairness, including fairness around resources. Beyond public funds, schools can and do secure support from: partner corporations, foundations, and nonprofits; Friend, Parent, and Alumni Groups; and individual donors.

Yet despite the unprecedented availability of data from the District and elsewhere, it is difficult to know which schools receive which types of additional support. Until now.

Through the systemic collection and careful curation of available information, our Support Our Schools Equity Map will present current resources and the latest school progress report for every non-charter District school. What’s more, you’ll hear from principals about their priority funding needs and see stories on what's happening in schools beyond the data.

Why is this important?

Because people sharing their resources want to make informed decisions. Soon, they will be able to with the Fund’s Support Our Schools Equity Map.

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