Find out the latest on the impact of our funds and what's happening around The District – information about policies and initiatives, achievements of students and teachers, action you can take to support Philadelphia public schools citywide. We also have details on meetings and events that you won't want to miss!

Upcoming Events

Each month there are many events that benefit schools and students, citywide. Here we highlight a few select ones. Mark your calendar!

Symphony for a Broken Orchestra City-wide effort fixing over 1,000 Philadelphia School District instruments

Is it possible to create a world-class performance using only broken instruments? Find out at this once in a lifetime musical event composed for the School District of Philadelphia’s hundreds of broken instruments on Sunday, December 3rd in the historic 23rd Street Armory.

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One Way to Fix Broken School Instruments: Call a Composer

Parents are used to hearing that school budgets are putting the squeeze on activities like music and sports. But rarely has a solution to such a problem been as elaborate and artistic as the “Symphony for a Broken Orchestra.”

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New Crowdfunding Tool Allows Donors To Help Individual Philly Schools

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new crowdfunding tool will help match the needs of individual Philadelphia schools with people who want to help pay for them.

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Crowdfunding for Philly schools? Here's how regular folks can buy basketball hoops and computers for city kids

Muñoz-Marin Elementary kids play on a big stretch of blacktop that has two backboards but no basketball hoops. Principal Ariel Lajara wants to buy them, but that costs $650 he doesn’t have.

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Support Our Schools this Holiday Season

On your first visit to AmazonSmile (, you are prompted to select a charitable organization from a list of eligible organizations--select The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia and .5% of your purchase will be donated to the Fund.

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Lane Johnson donating proceeds from merchandise to Philly schools

Unfortunately for Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson, he wasn't able to complete Sunday's game against the Cardinals, as he left with a head injury. But that doesn't mean he wasn't able to do some good for Philadelphia over the weekend and moving forward.

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Right Books Campaign reaches its goal a year early

Brian and Aileen Roberts' gift to the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia’s Right Books Campaign will help pay for leveled libraries in every K-3 classroom in the District.

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Comcast’s Brian and Aileen Roberts give $450,000 for Philly school books

If you don’t know Brian Roberts, you probably know his company. The Comcast Corp. CEO and his wife, Aileen, have given to various educational causes in the past — including charter schools, universities, and Project HOME.

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$450K from Comcast CEO helps Philly schools hit library campaign mark

Eileen Gosser loves to surround her third graders with books, but it hasn’t always been easy.

For years, the veteran teacher at Hackett Elementary in Kensington brought in her own children’s old books or asked friends and neighbors for their discards. She’d dip into her pocket to buy some, too, but mostly her students had volumes that were outdated and not in top shape.

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Whole Foods Donating Portion Of Sales To Fund School District Of Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you buy groceries at Philadelphia’s Whole Foods stores on Wednesday, you won’t just be feeding yourself.

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We want you to be informed and empowered collaborators with us and The District — working together to build and sustain initiatives that help Philadelphia public schools thrive and students succeed.

Guide to Fundraising & Grantwriting for Schools

The Office of Grant Development (OGD), a department within The School District of Philadelphia, is proud to offer a Guide to Fundraising and Grantwriting for Schools to help principals, teachers, parents and school communities.

The Guide is tailored to meet the unique priorities of Philadelphia Public Schools based on needs specified by school and community members. OGD proudly supports schools and administrative offices in securing available resources for enriching educational opportunities for students in line with the District’s current guiding document, Action Plan v3.0.  


2016 Year in Review: Our Report to the Community

The Fund plays a critical role in ensuring privately funded initiatives are managed with the accountability and oversight required to maximize impact on student achievement.

Currently, the Fund has a stewardship of $3.4 million through the generosity of a variety of philanthropic organizations. 


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