Philadelphia schools are benefiting from a corporate casual Friday this week. 

Individuals or companies are encouraged to buy a $35 T-shirt and wear it this Friday for Dress Down for Philly Public Schools day, which supports the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia.  

Fund President Donna Frisby-Greenwood said a developer, The Goldenberg Group, first suggested the T-shirt fundraiser.

"We started calling companies and talking to people, asking them to support by purchasing shirts, and the response has been pretty good," she said.

The idea is a private-sector spin on a common school fundraiser concept among students.

"If students have great attendance or good behavior, or if they're trying to do a little fundraiser for something, they'll allow students to pay $1 to dress down on a particular day," she said. "So this is a takeoff of that."

More than 1,000 shirts have already been purchased. The proceeds go toward paying for individual school projects.  

Frisby-Greenwood hopes the Dress Down for Philly Public Schools fundraiser can become an annual event.