The reason I chose Robert Morris School along with David Waxman of MM Partners was to give back to where it all began for me! Most times we see people donate big money to their former colleges and universities which is great, but we tend to forget where our education began.

Most of our life long friendships and memories begin in our elementary school years. These are the schools that seem to be forgotten. They lay the foundation for the FUTURE.

David and I originally came together with the idea about a program that would exposed 5th thru 8th graders at The Robert Morris to colleges and universities. We want to show these students the importance of a college education and just to experience the college atmosphere. I mentioned to David after visiting your site that Robert Morris had a few needs that needed to be addressed and within hours he and MM Partners agreed to pay for those needs! It's all about linking the schools with those that may have the resources to help! FYI The aforementioned college tour program will begin this Fall!!