I am a student and a soon to be product of the Philadelphia public school system. I have gone through what some may say the worse of the system and the best of the system. I was born and raised in the Southwest Philadelphia part of Philadelphia.

During my education journey, I went to Morton Elementary School and Tilden Middle School before traveling outside of my comfort zone to D. Newlin Fell in South Philadelphia to now attending Science Leadership Academy. Having the experience to attend those diverse schools have given me an opportunity to see why we need to fund Philadelphia public schools using Philly Fundamentals. Schools like Tilden need your help to bring City Year, schools like Blankenburg Elementary School need your help so that the students can have access to 21st-century technology. I am asking you not only as a student, but as a future educator to fund our schools. In the fall of 2018, I will be attending American University in the District of Columbia to receive my bachelors in education and public policy. After graduating you will see me in a School District of Philadelphia classroom as a teacher. Help my future students be prepared for the future.