PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you buy groceries at Philadelphia’s Whole Foods stores on Wednesday, you won’t just be feeding yourself.

Whole Foods is donating five percent of Wednesday’s net sales to the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia, the district’s nonprofit fundraising arm. The money will help provide fresh food for 2,700 students in district pre-K, says the Fund’s Donna Frisby-Greenwood.

“The five percent day at Whole Foods will help support the farm-to-pre-K program, bringing more farm-fresh goods into the feeding program,” said Frisby-Greenwood.

Whole Foods spokeswoman Alyssa Thayer estimates the day will raise about $10,000.

“It’s a company-wide effort,” said Thayer . “We do it quarterly. So, we pick an organization and if we can we partner stores together to make a greater impact.”

In this case, both the store near the Art Museum and the one on South Street are taking part.


By Mike DeNardo