We want you to be informed and empowered collaborators with us and The District — working together to build and sustain initiatives that help Philadelphia public schools thrive and students succeed.

Find out more about plans to improve Philly public schools and some of the latest thinking about making public education work for all of our children.


 If you are ready to do more than contribute to a school through Philly FUNDamentals, adopting a school with us is easy.

It requires a commitment of $30,000 over a three year period and can also include volunteering, sponsorship, and/or in-kind support.


Action Plan 3.0 Status Report

The School District's Action Plan 3.0 sets expectations for the basic educational rights of every child.

Despite facing challenges, the SDP has made progress in a number of areas. See how results stack up against Anchor Goals 1, 2, 3 & 4 so far. Read the full status report here.


Guide to Fundraising & Grantwriting for Schools

The Office of Grant Development (OGD), a department within The School District of Philadelphia, is proud to offer a Guide to Fundraising and Grantwriting for Schools to help principals, teachers, parents and school communities.

The Guide is tailored to meet the unique priorities of Philadelphia Public Schools based on needs specified by school and community members. OGD proudly supports schools and administrative offices in securing available resources for enriching educational opportunities for students in line with the District’s current guiding document, Action Plan v3.0.  


2016 Year in Review: Our Report to the Community

The Fund plays a critical role in ensuring privately funded initiatives are managed with the accountability and oversight required to maximize impact on student achievement.

Currently, the Fund has a stewardship of $3.4 million through the generosity of a variety of philanthropic organizations. 


Action Plan 3.0 Making our Schools Great

This plan is a description of the School District of Philadelphia’s current and planned priority work.

Its primary objective is to align the work of all employees to the Anchor Goals and Actions described here. It is also intended to communicate a comprehensive overview of the District’s plan to parents, families, students, partners and stakeholders.


Research for Action Analysis “PA Keystone Exams-High Stakes Testing” (June 2015)

This research brief provides stakeholders with an accurate, comprehensive analysis of Keystone standardized test and the impact of high stakes testing.

Pennsylvania's two decade experience with standards based education reform has been marked by an increasing reliance test based accountability. Beginning with the class of 2017, student performance on tests in three subjects Algebra I, Biology, and Literature--will play a major role in whether students receive high school diplomas.


Annie E Casey Foundation Early Warning: Why Reading by End of Third Grade Matters

Up until the end of third grade, most children are learning to read.

In the 4th grade, however, they are reading to learn, using their skills to gain more information in subjects such as math and science, to solve problems, to think critically.

This special report highlights the causes and consequences of low reading proficiency and proposes some essential steps toward closing the gap between those who can and cannot read proficiently.


The Education Trust: The Funding Gaps 2015

Every day, millions of students all around the U.S. pledge their allegiance to our nation and “liberty and justice for all."

As they speak these words, some stand in state-of-the-art classrooms with brand new smartboards and bookshelves stuffed to the brim. Others, however, gaze at peeling paint and water stains on the ceiling, at empty shelves and blackboards with no chalk. And right now, which of those classrooms a child stands in has a lot to do with his or her family’s wealth or skin color.

Our education system has a history of providing low-income students and students of color with less of everything they need to succeed in school.  In this report, we focus on one of the most important of these “lesses” — school funding.”


Donor Choice Agency Code

The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia is a designated United Way Donor Choice Agency. Our Code Number is 15022.